Used by solo musicians and bands across the world, audioCue is the only combined backing tracks player and lyrics prompter you will ever need.

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Elevate Your Practice and Performance with audioCue's Lyrics Prompter & Backing Tracks Player

Dive into a new dimension of convenience as you practice and perform with your backing tracks. audioCue's cutting-edge features are designed to enhance your musical journey.

Set the stage in under 5 minutes – bypass the hassle of third-party apps. audioCue's intuitive interface streamlines your process, topped with a drag-and-drop setlist builder for seamless track organization.

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Please be advised that signing up for a free account is required to activate the app and access its exceptional capabilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your musical journey with audioCue.


Effortless Track Setup in Minutes with Just Two Files!


With audioCue, simplicity is key. All it takes is a basic text file and an MP3 and you're all set!

Here's how easy it is:

  1. Create a dedicated song folder.
  2. Drop in a text file containing your lyrics.
  3. Attach your MP3 or WAV audio file.
  4. That's it!

Your song is now seamlessly integrated into the track list editor, primed for inclusion in your performance lineup.

Fine-Tune Your Lyrics and Audio for Perfection Not only can you swiftly set up your tracks, but you also have complete control. Adjust lyrics colours and formatting to match your musical vibe flawlessly. And with the "auto volume" feature, your track's volume can be expertly calibrated with just a click, ensuring a polished and harmonious performance every time.

Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to hassle-free musical enhancement with audioCue!

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Create Lyrics and Chord Sheets Effortlessly with the Integrated Notepad


Say goodbye to the days of scribbling lyrics on paper – audioCue revolutionizes the process!

No more wasting time transcribing lyrics and chords. With audioCue, effortlessly copy and paste lyrics into your computer or tablet's integrated text editor, and you're all set.

audioCue seamlessly integrates with your device's built-in notepad, ensuring hassle-free lyric editing. The ingenious double spacing feature aligns chords on one line and lyrics on the next, providing clear guidance on what to play and when.

Elevate your lyrics with easy formatting options such as vibrant colours, resizing, and justified text. You can even select a standard font to mirror the exact formatting of your notepad or text files.

Experience the future of lyric creation with audioCue's user-friendly integrated notepad – streamline your workflow and focus on delivering exceptional performances!



Effortlessly assemble your song setlists and fine-tune your gig timing with audioCue – simplifying gig planning!

Easily add your songs and arrange them using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature. audioCue then automatically calculates each set's duration, enabling you to meticulously plan your gig, right down to the minute.


Discover a world of effortless control with our intuitive interface. Experience auto scroll, auto track volume, auto next track, and track-specific volume faders – all at your fingertips for complete mastery of your music. With touch-screen precision, every adjustment is instantaneous, putting you in command like never before.


Enhance your lyrics presentation effortlessly using the familiar Windows Notepad. Apply colours, bold formatting, and underlines with ease. Instantly resize song-specific text for perfect alignment on the fly. Customize fonts and adjust system-wide sizes seamlessly. Unleash your creativity and refine your lyrical expression effortlessly with the built-in Windows Notepad.




Simon - Guitarist, Singer from Australia

Using audioCue has changed my live setup for ever. Ive ditched the music stand and laptop and added a Windows Surface with audioCue.

The surface plays the tracks and displays everything I need through the audioCue system. A god send!

Ashley Cummins - Singer from New York

I had used lyrics prompters on my Samsung tablet for years but could never get the music to play in time! audioCue lets me set up everything to match up perfectly and it also plays my MP3 files.

I wish I had found this years ago. Thanks Barry for this amazing system.


Thomas & Steve Jones - Duo band California

Hi Barry. First up, thank you for building this amazing software! We used printed lyrics sheets for years until Thomas found audioCue.

As a duo band who uses backing tracks. audioCue has streamlined our rehearsals and live performances. I just hook my tablet right up to the PA and its good to go! (purchased a Bluetooth Dongle as you suggested)

Thank you for helping set up on our tablets. We now have over 100 tracks set out in playlists.

Marc Chauvette - Las Vegas

Hello Baz - 

You, my friend are a genius. I've worked as a solo act for 30 years playing keyboard &  guitar, with quite large audio outfit.. I'll keep it short, but I have struggled with using a list of audio files on the left side of my screen, and a list of lyrics in the form of text files on the right. Fumbling around has become my Forte. You just reduced my stress level 100%.

I'm grateful to have stumbled onto this little gem. I live in Las Vegas, NV an still entertain quite a bit. I will be sure to pass info on your application to anyone I know who struggles the same way. Peace brother and thank you so much.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many play lists can I add?

You can add unlimited playlists to audioCue. Simple click "Add Playlist", name the play list and save. You can then add as many tracks as you need to the play list.

Can I share my tracks and set lists with my band mates?

Yes you can! All you have to do is send them the track folder that contains the track, the lyrics and the SD folder. They can then add the track to a play list.

You can even share a full set lists with all tracks!

Will I lose my stuff if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription your audioCue app will revert to the free version. This will still give you acces to all your tracks but you will only have one play list and be able to add 5 tracks to the play list.

This will also remove the set timer and any extra features on the website.

You can of course re-activate your subscription at any time for £4.99 through your dashboard on the website!

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes you can transfer your account to another device. You may use up to 3 devices per account.

Im not great with IT Stuff. Can you help me set up audioCue?

Yes I can help with that. If you have any issues at all with audioCue, I can give you help to set up your device if you get stuck! Just get in touch here on the website or join the Facebook page and message me there.

What devices run audioCue best?

audioCue is best used on a Windows Surface (Windows 10 installed and keyboard detached) held on a mic stand with a tablet holder at every gig. Connect your headphone out socket direct to your mixer or PA and your good to go!

If you prefer to use Android Tablets, that's no problem: I would recommend one that is no more than around 3 years old as the older Android tablets might not be strong enough although I have had the system working on a 5 year old ACER Tablet without issue.

While AudioCue works on Mac, carting a laptop around isn't as practical as a tablet.

AudioCue does not currently work on IOS (iPad or iPhones).


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